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Parker WPT Wear Ring 4733WPT062-02375-XXXXTechnical Data:

Material: W4733 WearGard
Radial Tolerance:
+.000"/ -.002" (up to 6" O.D.); +.000/-.003" (6" to 12" O.D.)
End Cuts:
Butt Cut, Angle Cut, Step Cut

Parker WPT tight-tolerance piston wear rings are the premier bearings for light- to heavy -duty hydraulic applications.
WPTs are available in standard sizes from 1" up to 12" bore diameters (larger sizes upon request). WPT wear rings feature chamfered corners on the I.D. and are designed to snap closed during assembly to hold tight against the piston, eliminating bore interference and simplifying installation.

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