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KOYO Oil Seal HMSH 120 150 14 Features
1. Lightweight, compact, and energy-saving
Koyo oil seals offer high sealing performance, while being compact with reduced seal width. They help reduction of machine weight, size, and energy consumption.
2. High sealing performance by optimum lip design
Koyo oil seals employ a linear-contact lip, which provides proper radial lip load. The lip design ensures excellent sealing performance, low torque, proper flexibility and high allowability for eccentricity
3. Low heat generation and long service life by highly self-lubricating rubber materials
Based on extensive research and experimentation,
Koyo has succeeded in developing seal rubber materials with high self-lubrication performance. These rubber materials show limited chemical changes such as hardening, softening and/or aging.
These materials can offer long service life under high temperature and high speed rotation because of curbed heat generation.
4. High sealing performance and long service life by hydrodynamic ribs (Perfect Seal, Helix Seal, Super Helix Seal)
The sealing lip has special spiral threads (hydrodynamic ribs) in one or two directions, which drastically improved sealing performance and service life.
Oil seals can be customized according to your requirements.
If you have any interests,please contact us and send us your information.

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