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JM Clipper Oil Seals Style 978-C
Description: Style 978-C is a dense, aramid/inorganic fiber re-inforced, compressed, NBR sheet with a special, high temperature, anti-stick parting agent applied to both sides. It's high strengh and excellent resitance to hot creep and broad chemical resitance make it an ideal high performance gasket material.
Applications: JM Clipper oil seals style 978-C can be used for gasketing in piping, machinary, or equipment containing steam, petroleum based liquids, gases and mild acids or alkalines. It may also be used in most solvents excluding MEK and high aromatics. 978-C also has excellent sealability in ethylene glycol coolants and silicone fluids.
Various types of oil seals can be customized according to your requirements.
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