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JM Clipper Oil Seal H1L7 Key Benefits:
Corrosion Resistance
Positive O.D. Sealability
Durability and Damage Resistance
Easy Installation with No Special
Skills or Tools
Built-In Interference
Sizes to Fit Most Industrial Applications
Wearability/Long Life
Split Styles without Cover Plate Material:Standard Nitrile is the most commonly used polymer in the rotary shaft seal industry. NBR has very good resistance to oil, fuel and alkali solutions. Nitrile offers excellent resistance to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and is resistant to hydrocarbon solvents. Standard Nitrile has poor resistance to ozone, ketones, automotive or aircraft brake fluid, and steam or hot water. Standard Nitrile is recommended for operating in temperatures ranging from -20 to +250 °F (-29 to +121 °C) and offers good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.
Various types of oil seals can be customized according to your requirements.
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