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Guides For Replacing Valve Seal On The Engine
The prosperity of the valve industry has been shown on many aspects, especially for the hydraulic systems. Actually, a variety of valves have been designed and manufactured so as to meet the increased requirements and specific specifications. Whatever, all the valves mainly have the valve body, valve stem, valve seat, valve clack and valve seal and so on. The entire equipment would fail to work with the absence of any component. In our daily life, the valves and its attaching fitting have been widely used in plenty of custom equipments. For example, the valve seal used in the engine plays an important role during the entire powering process. If the seal has been worn out, it is wise and necessary to replace it as soon as possible. Actually, we can do it by ourselves. Just take the valve seal on the car's engine for example.
The tools we need are really simple and convenient to get. They are the wrench set, socket set, hammer, valve spring tool, pliers, screwdriver, air compressor and compression gauge.
Firstly, remove the parts on the engines in sequence. And the spark plugs should be removed carefully. Secondly, the air compressor is powered on to keep the air in 60-90 psi. And the new seal is place on top dead centre while the crankshaft is turned during the whole replacing process. Compression gauge hose is screwed into the hole of the removed spark plug, in order to make sure that the cylinder has been totally pressurized. Afterwards, the spring can be compressed by the valve spring tool and the valve keeper can be removed by the magnet. When the keeper loses the attachment, remove the valve spring. At last, replace the old valve seal with a new one by the aims of pliers or screwdrivers. Reassemble the car's engine. All work has been done. In fact, we can clean all old gaskets and use a service manual for torque specs to make the process of disassembly and assembly is smoother.